Police and emergency services

Police and emergency services at the FAE

Ettelbruck’s police and emergency services will be on hand at the FAE site to :

  • provide a visible police presence and ensure visitors safety at this event, which attracts thousands of visitors every year
  • help people in distress, for example in the event of illness or accident
  • help visitors with any problems they may encounter on the site (filing a complaint, lost or stolen wallet, missing child, etc.)

To contact the police patrol or emergency medical services, please go to the emergency medical services reception desk (see map) or call 112/113 (in case of emergency only).

The veterinary intervention group and AMVL veterinarians are on hand to monitor animal welfare and provide assistance if needed.

Under an SLA contract between FAE and Météolux / Administration de la Navigation Aérienne, FAE organisers receive continuous information on weather developments. In the event of severe weather affecting the event venue within the next 3 hours, Météolux will alert the FAE organisers directly.

Mandatory access control

Anyone wishing to enter the fairgrounds must follow the instructions of the security guards and, depending on the situation, be subject to bag searches and security pat-downs by the security guards. The purpose of a search is to check that a person is not carrying or concealing dangerous objects that could be used to commit an offence.